Character Reflection and Projection – Edward Branigan

Details of the scene or action are used to reveal character traits, to externalize aspect of character. In Barthes’ terms, the connotations of various details are systematically marshaled in support of character: image space becomes charged with character semes….

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Ramsay’s characters escape trauma through sensations – Elena Lazic

In each of her four features, Lynne Ramsay focuses on a powerless witness to events so traumatic that they can never be repaired or reversed. In her feature debut, Ratcatcher, a young boy living in a Glasgow housing project…

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Mental Process Narration door Edward Brannigan

From the very beginning, films sought to represent the dreams and visions of characters. A conservative way to accomplish this was through the use of a dream balloon where the dreamer (suitably dazed or asleep) was shown in the…

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Interessante read: the subtle art of not giving a f*ck van Mark Manson

Mooi boek dat veel inzichten geeft in de quarter-life crisis en de millenial problematiek die Felix ook teisteren. Deze quote hielp me vooral erg bij het bijspijkeren van de uiteindelijke boodschap van de film: “The beauty of poker is that…

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Notities Mediating mental health : contexts, debates and analysis door Michael Birch

Een aantal interessante notities die ik gemaakt heb bij het bestuderen van deze literaire bron.  Historically, film representation has addressed the spectator through the dominant theme of ‘dangerousness’ and the positioning of the stereotypical ‘mad’ identity. Problematic knowledge content in…

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