Sound Design You Were Never Really Here

While was shooting, I saw an exhibition at the Tate Modern in the new wing. It was by American artist Charles Atlas: an installation of several video screens, placed not all in a line, but in layers. In…

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Emoties van je personages verwerken in je scenario

“The reality is this: It is acceptable for a screenwriter to go beyond mere action description and write about the emotional status quo, even to go inside characters to reveal to the reader what they’re feeling. That said, a…

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Tips voor het schrijven van non-binary karakters

http://www.scottishbooktrust.com/blog/writing/2018/02/6-tips-for-writing-genderqueer-and-nonbinary-characters Remember that physical sex, sexuality, gender identity and gender expression are different things Physical sex refers to a person’s bodily confirmation, i.e. their chromosomes, genitalia and internal sex organs. A person’s sexuality is who they’re attracted to. Your…

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Wat films toe kunnen voegen aan de kennis over mentale gezondheid

Interessante read van Vice over de mogelijkheden die film biedt om stereotypes rondom mentale gezondheid aan te kaarten. https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/xd74w7/should-we-use-films-to-teach-about-mental-health

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10 films die gebruik maken van een subjectief vertelperspectief

Naast het gegeven dat dit essay een inzicht biedt in nieuwe titels die ik eventueel kan gebruiken, geven ze ook een uiteenzetting waarvoor je dit perspectief kunt gebruiken. 

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Bronnen over mental health issues binnen de Fashion scene

https://fashionunited.uk/news/fashion/mental-illness-in-fashion-opening-up-the-conversation/2018061230162 https://www.notjustalabel.com/editorial/fashions-troubled-mind “If you are not a good bullfighter, don’t enter the arena. Fashion is a sport now: You have to run.” Rick Owens also agrees, “I don’t really see a problem: I tend to look at these things…

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